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  • 2 for $80 | 3 for $100
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  • Credit Required (Prod. Leto Beats)
  • Non-Exclusive Rights
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    Exclusive WAV Trackout
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  • Prices Vary
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Leto Beats is now Engineering at Executive Studios

Do you need professional engineering in the Tampa Bay area? Book Doug “Leto Beats” for a session at Executive Studios today! Executive Studios has worked with Plies, Cassidy, Fat Joe, Boosie, and more!

Leto Beats Official Sound Kit

Custom Sound Kits by Leto Beats coming soon.

  • Custom Instrumentals
  • Offline Instrumental Library
  • Recording
  • Song & Beat Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Vocal Tuning


Audio Editing

Vocal Tags

Show Sets

 Radio Clean Edits

Voice Overs

Voice Acting

  • Hooks & Songwriting
  • Project Consultation
  • Executive Production
  • Creative Direction
  • Audio For Video
  • Other Requests Welcome

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About Doug “Leto Beats”

Doug “Leto Beats” is a music producer, engineer, artist, and songwriter based out of Tampa Bay, predominantly working with hip hop, pop, and R&B, but is well able to work on whatever is presented. Leto runs his own studio where he takes on the role of recording, producing, and engineering for a growing number of artists. He is versatile as a beat maker, and has recently started building his craft as an artist; working on his debut EP.  Leto has worked from start to finish on multiple projects, and is excited to continue pushing the envelope of the trends and needs in the industry while keeping a style that is uniquely his own. Leto also received an A.S. in music production/audio engineering.

#OnTheSpotChallenge at @TheExecStudios last night was dope. Flipping samples and breaking… https://t.co/MbfuWn5cl8
about 1 week ago | @letoBeats



Watch beatmaking videos, beat visuals, and more on Leto Beats Official Youtube Channel.  This is just a small sample of the video content available.